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Your Premier Provider of Hard Chrome Plating 

CRC Chrome is pleased to offer you top-of-the-line hard chrome services. No matter the size of the production run, we work with our customers to meet their exact specifications and provide them with high-quality plating.

What Makes Hard Chrome Plating Unique?
Hard chrome plating is an excellent choice when looking to increase the services life of machined parts. The hard chrome plating process is typically used due to the harness and durability of hard chrome , which measures in the range of 850 – 100 HV. It provides corrosion protection, can be used on a variety of substrates, and has excellent adhesion (greater than 10,000 psi). Further, hard chrome can be used to resize parts and can be ground and/or polished in order to decrease friction and wear and offer improved surface finish. 

Applications for Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chromium plating can be used for a variety of applications. It can be used for chrome plating stainless steel or even to repair worn parts. When machined parts become worn, they can be restored to their original dimensions using hard chrome. Hard chrome can also increase the lifespan of new parts. By plating the surfaces that receive the most wear with hard chrome, newly machined parts are protected against abrasion and will perform longer before the wear down.

Hard chrome’s low coefficient of friction means that it provides excellent abrasion resistance. When compared to standard hardened steel or electroless nickel plated parts, chrome electroplating last fifty to one hundred times longer. Hard chrome can even be buffed or polished to a high polish or satin finish. This improves the aesthetics of a part while still providing functionality.

When it comes to hard chrome platers, we deliver superior service. Whether our customers want industrial hard chrome or custom part finishing, we offer consistent, reliable, and efficient service to each of our customers in order to meet their needs.

If you require hard chrome plating services, call us today at 203-630-1008, or simply request a free quote online.

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