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Examples of Hard Chrome Plating

A wide variety of base materials lend themselves to hard chrome plating, including steel, stainless, alloys, cast iron, brass, copper and bronze. We plate pieces of all sizes and inside/outside diameters, including:

• Aircraft parts • Machine parts • Molds • Tools • Dies • Fasteners • Gauges • Bearing Diameters • Shafts • Spindles • Rolls

hdchromepic2rev (1).png

This 7' long by 13" diameter rotor is hard chrome plated .020 thick. This process prolongs the life of the mixer and minimizes down time required to replace worn parts.


This 20" ball valve has a 34" spherical diameter and weighs 1,000 lbs. It is made of 304 stainless steel and has been hard chrome plated .003 thick to prolong the life of the part.


This plastic mold is 44" long by 28" wide. It is polished to a mirror finish before hard chrome plating .0005 thick. The hard chrome provides corrosion protection and excellent release properties on plastic and rubber molds.

This piston was hard chrome plated .0005-.001 thick on two OD's and one ID to exact tolerances, eliminating post-plate grinding to size.

These parts were hard chrome plated .0002-.0005 thick with a satin finish. They were textured prior to plating to provide this low luster matte finish.

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